Winter Flu Messages

GP Partners in your CCG - a Freedom of Information request to NHS Sandwell  and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group - WhatDoTheyKnow
  1. Flu is a serious illness that kills thousands every year.
  2. Vaccination is the best protection against you getting flu, and prevents you passing it on to others.
  3. Autumn is the best time to get vaccinated.
  4. Free vaccination is available for over 65s, pregnant women, and those with serious underlying medical conditions, as well as 2- and 3-year olds and primary school children.
  5. This year, the free vaccination programme is being extended to people who are on the Shielding Patients List, Year 7 pupils, and those with pre-existing health conditions including at-risk under-2s.
  6. Flu jabs are available from GP surgeries, at local pharmacies and through some midwifery services. Social distancing and safety measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  7. As we have seen with COVID-19, respiratory illnesses can be extremely serious and can kill. People who get flu and COVID-19 at the same time (co-infection) are more at risk of severe illness or even death.
  8. People at high risk from COVID-19 are also those most at risk from flu. We don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine yet but we do have a safe and effective vaccine for flu.



Local Walsall Pharmacist Jyoti Saini and local GP Dr. Majid explain whether or not the nasal flu spray contains gelatine, and what this means for your religious beliefs.  See video here

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