Statement – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Following the recent growing spread of confirmed cases making it likely that community transmission will increase, and advice from Healthwatch England, we have carefully risk assessed the situation and the following will apply from Monday 9th March 2020:

  • All Enter and View activity to be suspended. A lot of our stalwart volunteers who support us in this important role are often within the age range where contracting covid-19 has worse impacts/outcomes than other age ranges.

  • All volunteer led activities to be postponed and rearranged.

  • All community engagement events to be postponed/rearranged to dates in the future once the outbreak settles down.  

  • All strategic meetings will be risk assessed as to whether our attendance is necessary although bearing in mind that we can fulfil our role of providing information to the public and signposting them to services and about important Public Health messages.

The above points will be reviewed on a regular basis.

We recognise that we need to act responsibly and avoid any community transmission being caused by our activities as well as safeguarding our volunteers.

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