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Sandwell Health and Wellbeing Board - Pharmeceutical Needs Assessment


Sandwell Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) is developing a new Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). This is a statutory Health and Wellbeing Board responsibility, as set out under the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013.

As part of the development process, the Regulations require that the HWB undertakes a formal 60-day consultation on a draft of its PNA. Taking this into account, you are invited to participate in this consultation, which will run from Thursday 15th February to Monday 16th April 2018.

The website https://www.1centralhealth.co.uk/pna contains the following:
PNA 2018 – Draft for Consultation and supporting appendices
Privacy statement that we urge you to read, and
A link to the consultation survey containing 12 questions.

This is for anyone who would be interested in getting involved via your patient participations groups, your website, social media streams, newsletters, blogs etc.

To limit environmental impact, no paper copies have been produced. If, as a stakeholder of the HWB, you are forwarding this email onto groups whose service users or customers may not have access to the internet, or want to share the poster in a public space, please see attached pdf document with information on the PNA and how they can get in touch. Below is a plain English form of words that can be used across your online platforms.

‘Sandwell is refreshing its pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA). The PNA provides vital information that helps us plan the running of community pharmacies for local people and is a way of making sure that pharmacies across Sandwell are providing the right services in the right locations to support our residents. Sandwell Health and Wellbeing Board would like to know what you think of the assessment. Please click here to answer a short questionnaire. Deadline is 16th April 2018’

All feedback will be considered and a consultation report will be included in the final PNA documents which will give an overview of the feedback received and set out how this has impacted the final document.

The Health and Wellbeing Board look forward to receiving your feedback.



Healthwatch Sandwell
Walker Grange
Central Avenue
Telephone:  0121 569 7210

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