Patient Participation Group (PPG) Awareness Week

This is a national event held each June and aims to raise the profile of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) who work with the NHS, especially in GP surgeries, to help steer NHS treatment by using the experiences and evaluations of NHS patients.

PPGs are a contractual requirement, meaning that NHS medical Centres and GP services have to have a patient participant group and thus receive patient feedback to influence the way treatment of patients is carried out. The idea of patient participation was raised in 1974, so it has been around for three decades now, and has progressed to being a mandatory, nationwide and coherent movement.

If you would like to be part of you PPG please contact your GP or your CCG.

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Joining your local Patient Participation Group is a great way for you to have a say in how your local health services are working. Your local PPG will be based out of your local GP practice and membership will involve working collaboratively with other patients and practice staff.

To find out more or get involved, ask the staff at your local GP practice. For more information about your local GP practice, click here.

If you are part of a PPG and would like Healthwatch Sandwell to talk to your group please contact us




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