International Thalassaemia Day – 8th May 2021

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What is Thalassaemia?

Thalassaemia is a chronic blood disorder affecting the genes that are responsible for production of red blood cells. This means that patients with Thalassaemia are dependent on regular blood transfusions throughout their lives. Without them they would die in early childhood.

Thalassaemia developed as an evolutionary response to malaria which is why it mainly affects those originating from regions such Asia, South East Asia, the Mediterranean, South America, the Caribbean, Northern and Central Africa and the Middle East. Though it was initially prevalent in these regions, due to the migration of communities over the centuries people with Thalassaemia now live all over the world. 10,000 babies are born with Thalassaemia every year. Screening during pregnancy is important.

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Local Support:

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Oscar Sandwell

OSCAR Sandwell offers a variety of services to our clients and families affected by Thalassaemia.  We offer someone to talk to and provide support such as advocacy at meetings with school, council services, health providers, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre at Birmingham City Hospital.

“We encourage blood donation especially from the Asian, African and Caribbean communities.  We all need to continue to raise awareness about Thalassaemia everywhere we go, it is an ongoing process.  Stay safe and be well.”

Rachel McFee –  Chief Executive Officer, OSCAR Sandwell

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Thalassaemia Awareness Support Group (T.A.S.G.) is a carer and patient-led voluntary organisation which operates by its own Mission, Aims and Objectives to deliver a unique service to individuals and families with Thalassaemia and the wider community. TASG is in care of a Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia charity called OSCAR Sandwell.

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