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One of our priorities identified for 2021/22 is how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted carers.

We are seeking the views and experiences of people providing care and support to a family member or a friend, in their own home or elsewhere.

We are conducting a survey, focus groups and interviews so that we can better understand the experiences of carers during the pandemic and the impact it has had on caring responsibilities and carers lives and wellbeing.  We also want to understand what information and support has been available to people locally and gain a picture on what health, care and support services carers may need.

The feedback and experiences we collect will form a report which will be used to help services learn from peoples lived experiences as well as influence service for the future.

To take part in the survey use the link below: 

We are planning on holding a number of focus groups and interviews over the summer, these will be offered as options of “online”, telephone, e-mail or face-to-face (if appropriate).

If you would like to ensure your voice and views are heard please take part in a focus group or an individual interview.

Contact Sophie Shuttlewood by call or text at 07732 683 483 or email

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