Cancer isn’t on lockdown-nearly half of young people would delay getting symptom checked

(from The Eve Appeal)


Cancer is not on lockdown and our Get Lippy survey, ran with Yougov on the 16th of April found that nearly half of young people would put off getting key gynae symptom investigated until after the pandemic. We are being joined by key health and beauty brands to Get Lippy and Get Loud about gynae cancers this May to ensure that everyone knows which key symptoms they must get investigated.

We found:

  • 38% of 25-34 year olds and 32% of 35-44 year olds surveyed would delay medical advice if they experienced bleeding after sex –a key symptoms of cervical cancer

  • Almost half (46%) of 25-34 year olds surveyed would delay getting bleeding between periods investigated -a key symptom of three out of the five gynae cancers

  • 30% of people surveyed would put off getting unusual bloating investigated -a key sign of ovarian cancer

  • 19% of surveyed individuals aged 45+ would delay getting post-menopausal bleeding investigated –a key sign of womb cancer

Data released by the NHS earlier this week found that cancer referrals were down by 70%, this will have a huge impact on the people diagnosed with cancer over the coming months and years. We know early diagnosis is vital to having the best outcome possible. 

9 out of 10 people surveyed believe access to trusted sources of health information is important and 84% of people think it is important to have someone to talk to about their health concerns during the pandemic. The Eve Appeal’s nurse-led information service, Ask Eve, saw a 22% increase in calls in March compared to February 2020 with people worried about the impact of the pandemic on them seeking medical help for gynae symptoms or with worries about changes to their cancer treatment.

Funds raised through Get Lippy will help us keep funding our vital Ask Eve service, to be there for the families who need us during this troubling time and to take pressure off of the NHS front line.

We are launching our Get Lippy campaign with a virtual panel event live on our Twitter and Facebook @eveappeal and 11am, with our ambassadors Presenter Cherry Healey, Dr Naomi Sutton and Dr Bella Smith.

We want everyone to Get Lippy by buying a participating product, and speaking up and out about gynaecological health. We have lots of events and ways to get involved, find out more on

Support our Get Lippy campaign by sharing it on social media, I have attached some assets you can use, please @eveappeal and use #GetLippy. 

Suggested tweets: 

‘I am Getting Lippy with @eveappeal to raise awareness of the five gynae cancers, so that everyone knows what key symptoms to look out for, and to get them checked out. Get involved: #GetLippy’


‘Almost half of 25-34 year olds would delay getting bleeding between periods checked until after the pandemic-a key symptom of 3 of the 5 gynae cancers. I’m Getting Lippy about gynae cancers with @eveappeal this May so everyone knows the signs! #GetLippy’



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