Al-Shafa Pharmacy Enter and View Report March 2022

The purpose of the visit was to observe the environment and explore first-hand with customers their experiences of using –Al-Shafa Pharmacy.
HWS wanted to find out patient’s experience of the Pharmacy service, this included why they visit the Pharmacy and what support they get from the Pharmacy including how they are treated.
HWS also wanted to know about patients experiences of receiving prescriptions from General Practitioners and them being actioned by this Pharmacy.
All of this was achieved by observation and talking to customers and staff.

This report will provide an overview of the services at Al-Shafa Pharmacy and will provide customer experience feedback. Where appropriate, recommendations will be made based on the findings of this Enter and View visit and it is anticipated that these recommendations will contribute to improving service delivery within the Pharmacy and in turn improve the
service experience for customers.

To read the full report and see what customers said, please click the following link Al-Shafa Pharmacy

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