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Rood End Medical Centre

Rated by Anonymous
19th December 2019

Dr just seems to apply NICE meds guidelines.

I have the usual age related b.p. issues and was eager to discuss options. I've lost weight and my b.p. came down. When I tried to talk with the dr. about altering meds his immediate response was "You're still overweight." I am 1lb. above the 'normal range'! I took responsibility for my weight loss as the nurse I saw at the practice had no practical advice. When I saw the nurse and she saw how much weight I'd lost she asked me how I'd done it as she wanted to lose weight too. I've been on metformin for type 2 diabetes. When I lost weight I began to experience gastro-intestinal problems. Also my Hba1c came down to 44. All my Dr. was concerned with was keeping me on the pills. At my most recent consultation with the dr. when I asked him for reasons for me continuing with a particular b.p. medication he basically told me he didn't have time to discuss the issue during an appointment. As I've indicated above, his only concern seems to be following NICE guidelines on medication. When I told him I was stopping b.p. meds he said I should come and see him when I want to 'continue treatment'; that is, he equates 'treatment' with the prescription of medication. Frankly, the focus on medication and complete blanking of 'lifestyle' changes is appalling. I have the wherewithal to take control when it comes to my own health issues, many - perhaps even most, don't. From speaking to others and doing a bit of research I'm sure my experience isn't unusual. It's worrying.