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City Hospital

Rated by Pardeep Shinh
8th August 2019

ENT waiting 10 months

I was referred by my GP for chronic ear pain in December 2018. Hospital letter arrived in February 2019 for a ENT appointment at Sandwell Hospital in 21st May 2019. Then I was sent another letter to say this appointment has been cancelled. Waited and waited and phoned several times to the booking appointments dept reply was I have to wait another 6 weeks, I explained I am in a lot of pain. Reply was there are other patients waiting as well.
I finally received a text appointment for 7th August 2019 and transferred to City Hospital ENT department. I was seen by the ENT doctor. Explained my symptoms and said the ear drum is OK. But I explained pain in inside like in middle ear sensation. I was examined but now referred to facial consultant for which I have to wait yet again with pain. The pain comes and goes through out daily.
Still no further to alleviate my painful symptoms .
I understand pain is very difficult to diagnose cause and location. The best instrument to detect pain is me the patient. No treatment explained yet because not at that stage of diagnoses.

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