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Al-Shafa Pharmacy

Rated by Anonymous
1st April 2021


Doctor sent prescription to Al Shafa pharmacy on Shireland Road. I went there and they said it wasn’t on the system. Then I called the doctors the next day who told me it was sent to Al Shafa. So I went BACK to them for the second time and they again told me it wasn’t on there. After waiting for 5 minutes, they apparently checked again and told me the prescription was referred to Boots Pharmacy. I then had to go to Boots who checked their system using NHS number and said it was not referred to Boots but the doctors referred it to Al Shafa. Now 3rd time I had to go back to Al Shafa and told them this. Waited again and then they said that Boots sent it back to them. No they didn’t. Boots didn’t have it in the first place. Instead of making people wait and run around for medication, do your job properly and give the medicine written on the prescription that was sent to YOU. The medicine was desperately needed; my family member was in so much agony and pain. This hasn’t happened to just me, but many people. Another customer there also was having the same issue with their prescription.