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Your spotlight on local services

Enter and View

To seek the views and experiences of of health and social care services in Sandwell and there are times when it is appropriate for us to see how these services are run and how users, patients, carers, family members and members of staff believe those services are working for them. These visits are called Enter & View.

Following careful planning, a team of specially trained volunteers visit a service, make observations, collect people’s opinions and produce a report. When planning a visit we also contact local commissioners and providers of service for any information they would like to share or if visits are being planned by them.

Our enter and view visits are generally announced (notice given to the the service in advance). If we receive concerns about a particular service from several sources, we can carry out an unannounced visit. However these visits are rare and we always ensure that we use the enter and view powers given to us, wisely.

Healthwatch Sandwell carried out our first Enter and View visit to Sandwell General Hospital on Thursday 29th May 2015, this visit was unannouced. We visited three wards and our team looked at Hygiene, Nutrition, Dignity and Respect. The report of our findings can be seen below.


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