Dry January 2022

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Dry January means going alcohol-free for the month of January, and that can bring huge, obvious benefits – but the really good stuff is under the surface… 

  • Lowers blood pressure 
  • Reduces diabetes risk 
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Reduces levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood. 
  • Better skin 
  • More money 

How can I take part in Dry January? 

  • Download the free Try Dry app. It’s your booze-free buddy for Dry January and beyond, helping you keep track of your units, calories and money saved and letting you earn badges along the way. Plus you can use it to track your drinking and set personalised goals all year round. 
  • Sign up for free coaching emails. We’ll offer you daily tips, stories and much more to help you get the most out of your Dry January. You can sign up for these via the app, or sign up for just emails here. 

Local Support: 
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There’s various support available for people living and working in Sandwell to help them understand safe drinking. As a result, we can help you learn how to access specialist services if required. 

Our work is based across Sandwell and we want to work with our communities. We work to encourage safe drinking, help people understand unit guidelines and try alternatives to alcohol. 

Find out more about safe drinking through the information on the right hand side. If you want to access specific support to help you reduce or stop your drinking, please contact our Healthy Sandwell team who will be able to discuss local support. 


Get in touch

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Cranstoun Sandwell provides free and confidential advice and support to adults in Sandwell, who would like to talk about alcohol or drugs.

We want to empower and support people to make positive changes. We are here to help you, your friends and family.

Cranstoun Sandwell has an online alcohol self-assessment tool to help assess your drinking, which you can access below. 

If you live in Sandwell and are thinking about reducing the amount you are drinking, you are able to access an app which can identify how much you are drinking and offers advice on how you can cut down. The Lower my Drinking app can be downloaded through Google Play or iTunes. The app is available in both English and Polish.
The Lower my Drinking app website and questionnaire can also be accessed here.


0121 553 1333




Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first big step to getting help.

Youth Services

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Provide drug and alcohol treatment and education for young people in Sandwell up to the age of 18. Please see alcohol resources.